@MochaKoffee not sure how well received coming back with an almost two hour long video on cancel culture is going to go

@maolfunction gotta say, starting this with a "haha I'm super cancelled right now :)" anecdote isn't really doing much to endear me to the idea that she learned anything here

@MochaKoffee sorta knew it was coming with how she's treated things in the past, but I think she should have just moved on to something in her wheelhouse

@maolfunction I'm reminded that a lot of these internet popular people don't realize that they *do* become a sort of public figure (a celebrity, if you will), even if they don't care for it lol

and that a lot of them are ill-equipped to deal with that

"I'm not going to apologize for the things I say because the hate mobs will never be satisfied" might work when you're running a small time livejournal blog, less so when you have a million+ subscribers and are affiliated with PBS lol

@MochaKoffee if she's going to continue to do this, she really needs a PR person outside her friend group because the people she's got around her now are mostly old buddies who are of course going to reinforce her ideas that she's right

she has no real understanding of the size of her reach still. Contrapoints has the same problem, they've both grown tremendously and still think they can act like they did five years ago

@maolfunction Yeah, the problem with doing this for as long as they have, and even longer in some other cases, is that youtube still *feels* like it did six or eight years ago.

That's a bit of a problem when your content is supposed to be like Lindsay's.

@maolfunction in all honesty, i think not being on twitter, and staying away from internet drama for a good long while would be good for her, especially given how long she's had a target on her back from the NC days. Maybe step back a bit from the movie analysis angle, too.

Get a social media manager/automate it all, and go enjoy your pbs stuff, lindsay

@MochaKoffee she really could just pivot to being an author now that's she found success at it. I don't know how profitable her channel is, but it's probably not worth the stress of 13 years of existence on the internet as a public figure

she could easily transition to giving talks on books and still work with PBS on It's Lit, there really isn't a need to be on social media anymore or churn out videos about... alpha wolf romance novels and their shitty authors. but, I don't think she knows that

@MochaKoffee It's been four years since I feel like her last really good video on Hunchback of Notre Dame

since then, she's been on a whirlwind with her book and PBS and her main channel videos have suffered for it. she manages to get views, but a lot of the deep analysis she used to do is totally gone now

@maolfunction I've enjoyed some of her more recent content, but, yeaaaah, a lot of it doesn't really feel like it *needs* to exist; a lot of it feels temporally out of place.

did we really need to blow ABO shit into slightly larger of a mainstream consciousness

@maolfunction that could also just be because I'm way over 30 minutes - hour long video essays in this, the year of our lord 2k21, though

like we aren't at "Joseph Anderson Creates Nine Hours of Content Regarding The Witcher" levels of asinine yet, but I feel we're getting there

@MochaKoffee if the content justifies the length, I'm down for it, but there's very rarely times where a topic needs more than 20 minutes unless you're covering a huge amount of history and context

i thought it was ironic that Dan's video on Doug Walker was 8 minutes longer than Doug's video, but Dan took a good amount of time to explain the Wall's history and context before breaking down the specific examples that don't work in Doug's so it didn't bother me by the end

@maolfunction Yeah, my problem is more that the topic usually warrants more like ten minutes, but Algorithm. And Breadtube has always had a proclivity for longer takedown videos.

plus the recent trend towards skits and such.

There's a difference between, say, Shaun, dropping a two and half hour video on the atomic bombings, versus forty minutes of Titantic hot takes lol

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