@maolfunction @douglasfur i was looking up the Outrun 2006 tracks, and the MSS version is waaaaay too similar to the Diva version for me to vibe to lol


@MochaKoffee It's weird that I can remember posting in the NS2 E3 thread as this was happening

@MochaKoffee clearly this means that the forest temple is the remains of the Deku Tree and the Kokiri should exist somewhere in the game

@maolfunction nintendo, re-using motifs throughout the series to establish a thematic connective tissue?

why i never

@maolfunction i still remember all of the fanwanking kids did about this trailer lol

GCN Zelda's gonna be a SUPER MATURE adventure over THREE DISCS


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@maolfunction @douglasfur i wish RR's legacy didn't become being a meme lol

unfortunately, there's no room for it now in the industry; you're either a sim, a mario kart, or straddling the line like Gran Turismo and Forza.


@MochaKoffee @douglasfur I spent a god awful amount of time playing the Crusin' cabinets. If I think about it I can remember exactly how the haptic feedback in the wheel felt


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