@MochaKoffee man, this thread has been quietly going along, people talking about and enjoying it and still people feel the need to jump in and state how they dislike it. can't you just ignore the thread


@MochaKoffee "I don't hate furries. However,"

k, so you just have a poor reason to find them distasteful, but will tolerate them existing in that corner over there

@maolfunction "i don't hate the gays, but"


If you don't like furry art, that's cool. You don't have to engage with it. You don't have to make your EW FURRIES opinion known.

but that was the underlying point, after all

@maolfunction Furries are a weird topic because, even in vaguely left-leaning spaces, they're still considered an acceptable target. Decades of Internet culture has successfully made it commonplace.

It doesn't really come up nearly as often as Era's hate boner for Japan and Anime, but you can definitely see it when it does.

@MochaKoffee I don't mind people calling it weird, because it is weird. but quit making broad assumptions about people, and quit going into a space gay people have carved out for themselves and tell them that there's something not normal about what they're enjoying.

I don't know why so many users there make it their mission to make other people feel uncomfortable because they're uncomfortable with something they don't bother to learn anything about

@maolfunction Era's culture is all about putting others down so you can feel superior for a bit lol

@MochaKoffee It's akin to straight people going, "Hey maybe don't wear leather to Pride, have you considered that? I don't understand why you people need to sexualize a Pride parade. Every time people see a gay now, they're just gonna be thinking about gays in leather. Why are you getting upset???"

@maolfunction i will never understand those people that are apparently incredibly surprised that sexuality is important to LGBT people lol

i know a lot of it's not genuine


@MochaKoffee It's so frustrating. I feel like I'm a different species sometimes. Sexuality, being sexual, and actual sex are three completely different things and most straight people just don't understand that on a basic level.

The concept of communal sexuality is completely foreign to them and they'll look at you like you're in a cult when you try to explain it.

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