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man, finding out that one of the people who was instrumental in making SNES emulation as accurate as possible committed suicide over the weekend because of Kiwi Farms harassment of both them and their friends has got me both depressed and infuriated today. what a senseless loss of someone who's done so much work for the emulation scene.

suicide mention 

@maolfunction seeing the news honestly fucked me up for a good while

fuck kiwifarms, and it's truly awful that nothing will be done about them because they're protected by a hosting service that doesn't give a shit about the blood on their hands

suicide mention 

@MochaKoffee just depressing after seeing them retiring and thinking nothing was amiss about it until the twitter thread and realizing they were being targeted for more than three years

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@maolfunction we really don't talk about how dangerous and prevalent this shit is enough

"just get off the computer"

doesn't work when you have an entire forum of people with literally nothing better to do all day but fulfill a grudge, trying to compile as much information as they can about you, your friends, your family, and so on

The internet's no longer something that's disconnected from the real world.

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@MochaKoffee It's becoming a big issue the more exposure and members KF gets. Like, I know they cased the furry vn thread on Era and screenshot my posts regularly now on their Era thread. knowing if I give them any excuse to go after me that they will is frustrating as hell.

it'd be scary as hell to have these people actively target you, I feel so bad for the folks who get them in their mentions everywhere they go, this sort of harassment should be criminal

suicide mention 

@maolfunction Far too many people don't really understand what this actually entails (or just don't think it's a big deal, because justgetoffthecomputer). Pissing off the wrong people can just destroy your life, as they'll methodically do everything they can to make it hell and inescapable.

They'll find your address, your employer's info, and make sure you know they have it. Your friends, too.

It's astonishing to me that the internet has just sort of tolerated it for so long.

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