@maolfunction the idea that the anime industry gives a shit that Funimation is owned by Sony is kind of hilarious lol

Like I said, the industry is going in the *exact* opposite direction of "giving anime away for free". It's a loss leader industry for the vast majority of companies involved in funding it, and the studios themselves see very little of the money it does earn.

You're either a merchandise driven show, an advertisement for a book, or something funded just to fill time.

@maolfunction The former ends up being the most successful, obviously, because they are usually aimed at children.

I love Precure, but it's really not hard to see what's going on here when the Plastic is shoved in your face like that lol


@maolfunction As for adaptations, the majority of the industry is basically dependent on that sort of work.

Just look at the season's anime and count how much of it's an adaptation of one thing or another lol


There's really no money in the industry for an original series outside of certain stalwarts, especially as physical media declines in popularity. Just giving a blank check to Shinichiro Watanabe isn't a thing anymore.

@maolfunction The healthiest studios own a stake in what they're making, which is Kyoani's big innovation. They've escaped the yoke of Kadokawa once they became big enough, and started working with authors themselves directly. This allows them to keep a far larger slice of the money that comes in, which gives them the financial leeway to show that, yes, this can be done in a better way.


@MochaKoffee Yes to all of this, the whole premise is a poorly disguised gift lol

@maolfunction Just their wording on the kickstarter page gives the game away lol

This is about trying to separate the people who are angry about Crunchyroll or Funimation (For the wrong reasons), and want literally anyone else to be in play, from their money.

Most of those people tend to be younger, and don't really understand how the industry works, so it can seem "legit".

@maolfunction when you realize that the screenshots are just lightly doctored from MAL lol

@maolfunction anyway, i don't know kids, maybe give Retrocrush a shot

it's good and legit


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