which trilogy that isn't Star Wars should I do next. it'll be a step down, but I'm thinking Blade

@MochaKoffee oh, these would be good to revisit too. but I'd have to be thorough and do the old BBC specials too

@maolfunction It still trips me out Reloaded and Revolutions came out on the same fucking year what the fuck

They were really trying to make the longest sequel ever weren't they lol

@triumph_forks I wish they had taken more time with them because they're both really close to being much better movies lol

I'm really curious what Lana is going to do with the series with the new one, Revolutions ends on such a final note, I hope it doesn't just retread the same story

@maolfunction You could do the Fulci "Gates Of Hell" trilogy but it kinda sucks and it's not narrative

"Evil Dead" trilogy but,

what about the Dollars trilogy

@maolfunction you could do the Three Colors trilogy back to back with the Three Flavors trilogy

@douglasfur I watched the first two Evil Deads again not too long ago.

The Dollars trilogy is on my list, but that's not actually a proper trilogy, the stories are unnconnected.

Three Colors aren't really the vibe I'm going for, want to keep doing blockbuster type movies, Three Flavors is an option tho. It's been a while since I've seen those ones.

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