@MochaKoffee that'll be one thing they can nail. "and everything happened off screen, and peace came to the demon world, and everyone lived happily ever after."

@maolfunction it's always wild to me how hollywood keeps choosing the big shonen stuff that will require massive amounts of CG to look good, and then give it a shoestring budget

i mean, I *get* why, but why not go with something that you can actually do with the budget you'll get lol

@maolfunction I, too, like to translate things with (???) when I can't understand what was said lol

@MochaKoffee I love these sort of fan videos where they recreate anime bits 1:1 without any attempt to actually adapt the scene to something that looks good in live action

the dedication is top notch

@maolfunction i wouldn't say "fans", because that's from a porno lol

@maolfunction Ranma's live action movie had some dedication and heart, but it fails mostly because it looks extremely cheap, and the story they chose to adapt was not a good one lol


@MochaKoffee this still looks fun, but I imagine getting Ranma to work in live action would be nigh impossible without a lot of changes anyway since a lot of it relies on visual gags and expressions that really only work as illustrations

@maolfunction It's not *awful*, but like I said, it's let down by the cheap production and choosing to do the "Hot springs under the girl's locker room" story of literally anything they could have chosen lol

If they leaned into the action side of Ranma, I think it would have been better. It's not as special attack heavy as something like Dragon Ball, after all.

@maolfunction sailor moon was already an animated tokusatsu show, so just making it a tokusatsu outright worked quite well lol


@maolfunction it does come dangerously close to giving the game away in regards to the series inspiration lol


@maolfunction it's honestly a really good adaptation of the first arc lol

also has the honor of having the best thing to come out of this franchise:


@MochaKoffee :psyduck2:

the reasonably well produced porn spoof strikes again

@maolfunction the actual musicals for Persona are a mixed bag, but then there's this standout lol


@MochaKoffee this feels like the only way Persona should be experienced

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