man I sure do miss the official Nintendo fan forums

@maolfunction "I offered him Yoshi's Island as consolation for maiming him"


@maolfunction dudes with the Guy avatar were always the biggest shitters

@maolfunction @triumph_forks in retrospect, i can't be surprised that NoA decided they did not want to deal with the shit that went on.

I'm sure there were some remaining employees at NoA who got a thousand yard stare when told NCL was gonna make a social network on the Wii U lol

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks oh yeah, I'm not surprised they did not see any value in babysitting a bunch of rowdy teenagers lol

@maolfunction @triumph_forks i'm sure that it sounded like a good idea back in like 2004 lol

by 2007, i'm sure they had metrics that showed it was a massive waste of time and resources

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction Original nsider DMs were wild. I used to talk shit about pokemon being bad games and got a quite a few mean messages sent my way. I really should have archived that shit lmao :theydonothing:

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction Looking back, it's wild how much nsider was instrumental to my transformation from a dumb kid who once sent out DMs to apologize to the mods after I got warned for spamming gifs - to being an obnoxious teenager who quickly learned how fun it was to talk mad shit and make other people over the internet mad at you. :helldude:

@triumph_forks @maolfunction i did see this thread when I had cause to go back there for w/e reason, and I still think it's hilarious that Mao lives in Kezay and friends head rent free lol

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks @maolfunction don't even know who OP is lol

thankfully, I don't think anybody remembers me. I prefer it that way :hamham:

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee @maolfunction They should have known it wasn't him based solely on how obnoxious my tone is compared to his lmao

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee @triumph_forks I think OP is the guy who got dunked on all the time for having a free forum where only he posted linked in his sig

@maolfunction @mewfeuille @triumph_forks i have memories of the threads he used to post about his obscure Windows Longhorn builds and running Puppy Linux lol

other than that, no clue lmao

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks it's weird because I don't think I interacted with Kezay more than a handful of times lol

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks that was all Chrom and Kodiack, they were already building ninfora when I emailed CG lol, I was banned from the forums before then

hilarious that they blame me for that

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee I only remember Kezay because he one of those big time Nintendo fanboys who refused to play anything but Nintendo games and his posts always annoyed me

@maolfunction wait I just realized the account is a cappy

knew this was too good to be true lol

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction nobody ever figured out that my NS2 restored post count was fake and I was never a plumber

I had like 30 posts on the original nsider at most lol

@mewfeuille sometimes you'd get bangers from accounts with higher post counts, but usually you'd have to wait for either Noishe or Huelen to be unbanned for something good from established accounts

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction I had completely forgotten about this omg

I was also quite fond of the pumpkin indifferent, and was the only person that really used it lol

@maolfunction @mewfeuille it was fake lol i started doing it because i got annoyed at the cereal emote spam or something, I don't remember

:smuganime: or :smugnico: idk lol

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee this one is called starfoxa, and I know it is named after a person but I don't remember a goddamn thing about them lol

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee yeah, starfoxa was the user who made it if I recall correctly

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee this one was briefly named after me but they changed the code while I was exiled from the internet from that two year period lol

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee I probably should have linked transparent versions lol

you can grab em off etoh

@maolfunction @mewfeuille hell yeah the smug anime lost the battle against the cereal emotes, but won the war :nicosmug:

@mewfeuille @maolfunction we can all agree that :count: was hideously overused right lol

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction don't be silly, you had so many simps. the haters were just people that got clowned on lol

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