getting an official translation of Mother 1 is neat, but no one who hasn't already played it is going to get further than ten minutes into it lol

@douglasfur I've not played Mother 1 on stream, just Earthbound/Mother 2

Mother 1 was a private struggle

@maolfunction I do not know the difference between Mother 1 and Mother 2

they have the same characters yeah?

@douglasfur @maolfunction that is the impression most people have after trying Mother 1, yes lol

@maolfunction Is this not the NES translation they had on the wii u

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee people are gonna hate that game without the easy ring mod lmao

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille people who think it'll be anything close to how Earthbound plays will be in for a surprise

@maolfunction @MochaKoffee the real bummer with Mother is that it's barely got any story and none of Itoi's signature literary flourish

I could tolerate it being a total kusoge if it had any atmosphere or charm lol

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee yeah, Mother 2 was where it came together as a package, Mother is more of a vehicle for some rough ideas

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