oh Chrono Cross is coming out on all platforms, may just wait and see which version plays best there then

@maolfunction digital foundry nerd voice: "as you can see here by this graph, the frame rate on Nintendo Switch dips to 28 frames per second during this scene and the resolution dips to 1926x1040p here thus making it the least technically impressive version of the bunch"

@triumph_forks I mean, if it plays smoother on a PC, I'm gonna play on a PC lol

@maolfunction It's a PS1 game, there's no way it can struggle to run it right?


@triumph_forks @maolfunction The PS1 FF ports were all really similar, but they were all ports of the mobile version, I believe.

Really depends on where you want it lol

Perfect For Deck, obviously 🤔

@MochaKoffee @maolfunction So far everything I've picked up from them has been a solid port

FFXII only runs at 30FPS compared to PS4/XB1 but I'd hardly call that an action RPG

@triumph_forks I trust square and ports as much as I do dogs and homework

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