@MochaKoffee "I'm aiming to talk for 30 minutes and be controversial enough to spark a discussion, so please hold questions."

I hope I'm ever qualified enough to open a presentation with such a stinger.

@maolfunction "The attempt to force El Salvador's population to use cryptocurrency is a fiasco."

I've seen more than enough weirdos try to argue that Bitcoin is Good, Actually, and You're Just An Ignorant Westerner to make my eyes glaze over, lol

@MochaKoffee for the longest time I thought MLM recruiters were the most annoying blatant grifters out there, but crypto has managed to completely eclipse them within just a couple of years

@maolfunction I think it's telling that the only thing that CryptoBros have to offer to a mainstream audience is a QR code and a "haha larry david" commercial.

@maolfunction QR code thing is really telling because it's mostly an admission that they know they're basically only going to be selling to people already in the know.

@MochaKoffee yeah, they're not interested in going after older demographics. they want people who think they're tech savvy enough to realize they're being duped

@maolfunction "i'm too smart to be hacked and lose my apes"

*is hacked and loses apes*


@MochaKoffee its amazing how resilient their hubris is after so many examples of how easy it is to thieve and scam in that sphere

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