if this game is better than Dark Souls I'll be impressed. none of the From Software follow-ups have stuck with me like the first DS. wonder how much of Elden Ring's hype is just the fact it's finally coming out

@maolfunction i feel it probably says a lot that it's simply described by How Much there is, not how amazing it is.

@MochaKoffee I will say Gene usually has good opinions on games, and him comparing it to Breath of the Wild actually works in the game's favor because if Elden Ring embraces the best bits of BotW in conjunction with the combat of the Souls games, I can see myself really enjoying it

what does concern me tho, is that he apparently spent 40 hours playing in just two regions and hasn't even fully explored them all, and that's barely scratching the surface apparently lol

@maolfunction I hope it's good for everyone who's interested in the game.

I'm personally not because I don't care for open world games as a rule, and only really liked Demon's. Combining Souls with a sprawling open world couldn't begin to personally interest me, lol.

@maolfunction Especially because I thought one of the coolest things about Dark Souls was how interconnected the world was.

@MochaKoffee yeah, the gameplay loop of open world exploration and Dark Souls like combat doesn't seem like a great idea on paper. the first DS being a series of interconnected tubes worked great for containing combat while still feeling fun in terms of exploration and seeing where the tubes all connected

I'm curious how they solve the issue of having combat encounters of varying difficulty all over the map without players feeling like they have to be funneled to specific areas

@maolfunction I don't think I've seen a game excel at that without doing something really game-y like having arbitrary overly powerful gatekeepers.

BotW might be the closest, but I think that only really works because the combat system is so simple, lol.

@MochaKoffee I was surprised Jim Stephanie Sterling called Arceus the best Pokémon game ever in their video about it lol

@maolfunction A lot of people, upon actually playing it and not just looking at the graphics, found out that they really liked it lol

who knew 🤷‍♀️

@maolfunction Can't wait until people cry once they realize it's just a dork souls 3 asset flip with open world elements and incidental lore bits the game of thrones dudes bullshitted on

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