"Admins can read your DMs on Masto."

yes, welcome to the internet, where any admin with database access of any app or site that doesn't have end to end encryption can read DMs. where were you when private forums were a thing

don't be putting intensely personal things you don't want people to know on any internet platform, kids

no kidding, but i saw a post somewhere where E2E for DMs is coming.

@maolfunction i legitimately don't know why this is so surprising to people, and i can only think that we're failing the younger generations somewhere lol

just assume that none of your correspondence is private if it touches another person's server

@MochaKoffee we probably are failing younger generations by hiding how computers work from them so much. the youngest college students don't know how to use file directories anymore since they've grown up on search functions, so it wouldn't surprise me that they don't know how accessible their data is even if whatever tells them it's private. they probably assume encryption is happening when that doesn't happen nearly enough yet

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