@MochaKoffee the madmen at GDQ just visited the Unicorn Fountain on an actual cartridge like it's no big deal (they constructed it using ACE, along with a bunch of other things to show what it would have looked like had it made it to the game)

@maolfunction looking forward to seeing the vod so i can see whatever the hell led up to this lol

@MochaKoffee it was announced as a showcase of beta content that was left on the cartridge, and they slow rolled it with SRM execution into actual stuff like the Arwing and then moved into manufactured situations to show off beta items left in the game and slowly escalated it to that ending

@MochaKoffee they played it straight the whole time tho,which made it ten times better because people weren't sure if any of it was real

@maolfunction would have been funny if they had slipped in some high profile fake stuff just to make people second guess it lol

@MochaKoffee the entrance to where they got the Triforce looked like it'd be the Temple of Light and I was gonna lose it if they had created a whole temple for it

@maolfunction honestly

this is just as much a part of the OoT beta fandom history as anything that was *real*, lol

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