@maolfunction is fat4all getting booted from the cool kids table 🤔

@maolfunction the last bit of time when blame_space came back and it was ridiculously clear that the mod team hated the dude despite being a favorite of the community

@maolfunction ngl i kinda feel like fat4all has been annoying for a good while, and not really funny lol

gimmick posters were kinda the worst part of GAF/Era

@MochaKoffee the annoying thing about fat is that he's just everywhere, and sometimes he's not being annoying, but most of the time it feels like he's one of those people on nsider who'd post in every thread on the front page and take a screen shot of it

@MochaKoffee there are a lot of posters on ect like this tho. it amazes how much time they have to spend there

@maolfunction GAF/Era always had that culture where people rush to be funny and/or try and engineer backfires.

weekend era, please die

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