imagine having bed hair at the screening where you're gifted a lifetime achievement award at a prestigious film festival

in our hour of need, they welcomed us back with open arms

started playing this on my phone yesterday since I've been wanting to play a city sim without too many frills and it's an ok game, tho they push you to overdevelop so that you're pressured to spend money to bypass production waiting times

so, pausing growth to build up density instead now

@MochaKoffee "I'm aiming to talk for 30 minutes and be controversial enough to spark a discussion, so please hold questions."

I hope I'm ever qualified enough to open a presentation with such a stinger.

Wordle 194 2/6


No Way Home spoilers 

I just, can't get over how atrociously bad the writing in this film is lol.

and not even like, the gaping holes in logic necessary for the movie to even work. just like, the basic writing isn't good. Forced plot points all over, shoving in well tread origin story beats because it has to tie in with nostalgia beats, dull villains, and just zero weight to everything. The audience knows what's about to happen at every step, it's so boring.

it's the same 5 bands every year lol. I'm really getting to the point where finding new music has become very low in my priorities

pov: you're a journalist trying to understand the web developer explaining to you the reason why FB went down

Titane rocked my shit. gay people, you need to go see this in theaters on the biggest screen possible now, while you have the chance. This movie ain't going to be around in the States more than two weeks

"we're not furries!" says man who spent hundreds of dollars on the equivalent of an adoptable

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which trilogy that isn't Star Wars should I do next. it'll be a step down, but I'm thinking Blade

cute game. more involved than I expected for a google doodle

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