pov: you're a journalist trying to understand the web developer explaining to you the reason why FB went down

Titane rocked my shit. gay people, you need to go see this in theaters on the biggest screen possible now, while you have the chance. This movie ain't going to be around in the States more than two weeks

"we're not furries!" says man who spent hundreds of dollars on the equivalent of an adoptable

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which trilogy that isn't Star Wars should I do next. it'll be a step down, but I'm thinking Blade

cute game. more involved than I expected for a google doodle

Fox News after mass shooting: I sleep

Fox News after a gay, over the top sexy music video drops:

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fox news types sending up the alarms because lilnasx slid down a stripper pole and gave Satan a lap dance is extremely funny.

how can you be mad at this shit, it's campy as fuck

my bones are turning to ash at the realization I'm older than all of them except Billy Boyd (barely) were when they filmed lotr

jesus christ. I've been obliterated. gonna crawl into a hole and never come out after this.

legitimately struggling to figure out what the title of this movie is with this poster lol

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