@MochaKoffee probably a reaction to every 80s cartoon looking identical to one another lol

@MochaKoffee the fact that it ran for 5 seasons astounds me after going back and rewatching some episodes lol

@MochaKoffee don't get me wrong, I also love the look of the original rugrats lol, but it's also like most 90s cartoons that were intentionally ugly looking.

its definitely wonky, but I sort of appreciate that they're not trying to emulate Disney's look

@MochaKoffee you know, I actually don't hate this sort of stylization since it's pretty simple and textured where it needs to be, but the animation itself is pretty stiff and jerky and that's not appealing.

It's basically the same thing they did with the new SpongeBob movie, which was entirely okay by the time of the final product. as long as it's not jarringly unsettling the entire time, it'll work and I think this is a more approachable look for today's kids if they want a new audience too.

@MochaKoffee press conferences for any type of media should be obsolete by now considering how many more eyeballs will see a viral tweet thread

@MochaKoffee It's very irritating because I don't know how you're expected to have a conversation about video game art direction and completely close off the entire art tradition of Japanese video games, the history behind those art directions, who they're explicitly marketing to now, and where the money flows.

@MochaKoffee happens every few months in that thread. I gave up reporting things there because the only response to it I ever see is, "you guys need to change the topic."

@MochaKoffee mainstream progressivism still thinks shit talking anime and applying their criticism to an entire country is still valid, not too surprising that Era isn't ahead of that curve considering the makeup of its userbase

@MochaKoffee in most cases, they straight up are astroturfing. I'm not sure what Hecht means when he says people in minority groups may want to have to have an OT to discuss the game safely.

OTs are the last place on the forum I feel safe to discuss issues about games lol

@MochaKoffee Era continuing to be disappointing when it comes to the realm of listening to each other in favor of arguing instead

@MochaKoffee lol, yeah, I wonder how pleased the TransEra discord is with this after how staff reacted to them during and after Cyberpunk

@MochaKoffee my eyes glaze over posters with this palette nowadays. studios, pls, there's nothing wrong with using other colors in your marketing material

@MochaKoffee that or something that leaned more into the Giger concept art wouldn't be bad either.

@MochaKoffee the original three Alien movies would really benefit with a less is more approach taken with the box covers. Putting a xenomorph right on the cover kinda kills the vibe of the films lol.

@MochaKoffee yeah, don't understand why it's difficult for them to see they're contributing to the problem too. they're all regularly on each other's channels as either guests, name dropped, or reading lines from material.

like, sure, they might not have become friends until after youtube pushed them together, but they're all now clearly benefitting from the constant cross promotion they do for each other.

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks it's basically just a mandatory marketing campaign. the actual cost for them is going to be a tiny fraction of the business they get back.

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