@MochaKoffee it's got its fans. the Wachowski sisters directed it, and it leans heavily into camp and stylization

if you like this scene at all, you'll probably like the whole movie


@MochaKoffee It's got more of a Speed Racer vibe to me, I think the Scott Pilgrim comparisons are more fueled by the frame editing stuff, which I can't imagine will be a thing in the actual show

@MochaKoffee @Kireek I kinda enjoyed that lol. It's preferable to a completely sterilized studio production meant to appeal to a wide general audience

@MochaKoffee it's annoying how many people tone police whenever issues come up

@MochaKoffee nothing feels right unless the controller feels like it's about to shatter in your hands

@MochaKoffee can't imagine there was much hope for the switch versions to be speedrun viable considering how much work has been put into the Wii's virtual console to make it a speed running machine

I'm sure the most dedicated of the communities will still figure out a way to test the switch versions anyway, but it was always a long shot that they'd be widely adopted

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks hell of a write up, but yeah, I knew most of this. been a while since I've revisited the information tho

@MochaKoffee I don't know why anyone would follow these people somewhere else again after demonstrating that they're not well equipped to run a community focused forum. like, every founding admin has said they didn't want to own it, ignoring that they should have looked at a community backed option before letting Cerium field offers from corporations

@MochaKoffee hecht is being extremely naive if he thinks MOBA will leave them alone in perpetuity

@MochaKoffee I mean, even if he did do a lot of work behind the scenes, I don't think that entitles him alone to the massive payout he's getting. It'd be one thing if Era didn't market itself as community first, and it was clear from the jump that the admins were looking for a check

we've seen what happens to forums after a corporate buyout, we know the site will slowly degrade as the owners and staff's views stop aligning. it's just disappointing to see that money not go to the community

@MochaKoffee who's signing up nowadays. I feel like most new users now are joining because of communities they want to be a part of until they're forced off Era

@MochaKoffee of course it is. you're not making your money back off just ad revenue with a forum whose growth has been on a steady downturn for years

@MochaKoffee wonder how many of them like not being compensated because they can always fall back on the, "this job is hard and we're all volunteers," defense they trot out every time

@MochaKoffee honestly, with the sale the original intent is now up in the air. if cerium sniffed out a potential investment by setting up Era as an asset from the jump, then everything that was said to the early users could have been nothing more than bait to get the numbers up

would certainly explain why Era has been so bad at following its own goals

@MochaKoffee resetera.com/threads/resetera-

wut. wasn't one of the primary reasons Era split from Gaf because of Evilore's behavior and how he ran the forum that was frustrating the moderation staff there? I distinctly remember one of the lines trotted out to get members over to Era was that there would be transparency of how the site ran itself because of how unsatisfied everyone was about how easily Evilore was able to hide his shit for so long, making money off everyone's else's contributions

@MochaKoffee they should have done what's been suggested for years now and let communities decide who their own mods are and give them the controlling share of how communities are moderated

sure, keep a general team to handle the reports of the general forums, but the smaller communities should have been trusted to moderate themselves from the start

@MochaKoffee I can't imagine more than 10 or so people on era actually know cerium well, he shouldn't be getting benefit of the doubt here by the vast majority of users lol

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