@MochaKoffee Joseph Anderson is the video essayist ideal for people on Era who require every piece of evidence before listening to what you're saying.

@MochaKoffee how do they talk so long lol. hbomberguy is a bit guilty of this too sometimes, just stick to one aspect to focus on, not all of them.

@MochaKoffee It's not unexpected that a mega corporation liken Nintendo wouldn't want to devote resources to a project for a 20 year old game, it just flies in the face of the fan culture they've purposely cultivated.

@MochaKoffee people are gonna pirate with or without their endorsement. I know Nintendo has no interest in actually fostering the communities that love their games, but there were other options they could have pursued other than killing Big House that could have led to mutual benefits for both parties. They just didn't want to because they don't care. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@MochaKoffee It's a crazy position for them to take when other gaming companies have had no problem making fan created emulation official for use in their competitions.

I get that the Smash scene has been tainted recently, but this is such a severe blow when literally all Slippi does is make playing the game online a modern experience. Something Nintendo should be thrilled that someone figured out for them.

@MochaKoffee Nintendo is issuing DMCA notices against Australian streamers on Twitch who are turning around and banning them for 48 hours for streaming Age of Calamity.

Which came out in Australia already. :blobcatglaredrink:

@MochaKoffee Helps too that the show runners who created DS9 were coming off such a successful run of TNG. When you become Gene Roddenberry's successor, you probably gain a lot of sway.

@MochaKoffee "Star Trek"

After the huge success of The Next Generation, I can't imagine it was difficult to pitch another series.

RE8 Potential Spoilers 

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks oh man, knowing this will really affect my enjoyment of an action shooter game, I care so deeply about the plots of Resident Evil games, they're the only reason I play them. :fatyoshi:

If something is executed well, it shouldn't matter if you know about it beforehand. I really don't understand spoiler culture, my enjoyment of stories doesn't hinge upon knowing what happens to characters beforehand. My enjoyment comes in how well told they are.

@MochaKoffee tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of straight guys trying to impress their politically active crushes are like this lol

@MochaKoffee there are so many men in academia like this, I'm not even surprised that Obama would read Marcuse hoping for a pickup line too.

@MochaKoffee Mhm, both Barb and Poo have condemned him for what he's doing, but it seems even chunks of their communities disagree with what they're doing.

Really disappointed to see this sort of behavior from a guy who was so intertwined with a lot of the kaizo hacks and streams I've really enjoyed.


@MochaKoffee From what I've seen, since going live, he's been rewarded with over 3000 dollars.

@MochaKoffee twitter.com/_Deakula_/status/1

A lot of Kaizo streamers actively enable transphobia in their communities and hang out in known transphobic communities, most notably Dode.

Dode was asked why a known transphobe was on his auto host rotation and instead of acting reasonably, he acted like a child and said he was being crucified on Twitter, and quit streaming for 7 weeks.

He went live today, but only after banning most of the LGBT members in the Kaizo community from his chat.

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