@MochaKoffee Expecting government officials to plan for longer than a week is a fruitless endeavor. Everyone else just gets to deal with the stress of trying to adapt to new lockdown orders on the fly somehow.

@MochaKoffee "Thanks for all your experience and effort over the last three decades, now fuck off."

@MochaKoffee Same with XKCD which seems to have run out of ideas at this point.

@MochaKoffee I'm so glad leet speak didn't persist more than a couple years. Easily the worst part of early aughts internet culture.

@MochaKoffee It's a simple winning formula that still manages to churn out hits.

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille I need to resume reading Dinosaur Comics regularly again.

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille Yeah, nothing to see here. It's their job to define words that people use regularly, even if those words are technically incorrect.

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee It's so weird seeing videos like that one that took 900 hours to build.

To me, AC was never supposed to be an island designer game. If that's what it was supposed to be, the tools to do it are god awful. I don't see the large variety of rare aesthetic items as a collection goal. I thought the idea was to have enough rare items that players could have variety when visiting each other's islands.

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks People need to learn how to be happy with what they have and still be able to admire what are essentially entire island art galleries that some people have created using the equivalent of Minecraft's creative mode.

Yes, you can theoretically scour through reddit for every last thing you need to replicate some incredible design you also saw on reddit, but obsessing about it to the point of severe anxiety should throw some red flags about maybe it being not a good idea

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks Remember when the AC community was praised for being so innocent and nice last year, getting excited over outdoor furniture and pole vaulting?

I'm so glad that's been completely destroyed so people can brag about their perfectly aligned buildings and gardens and millions worth of fake currency.

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks I, as someone who couldn't give two shits about turnips at this point, am waiting with popcorn bucket in hand waiting for island break-ins ala The Rock to start popping up on social media.

It blows my mind how seriously people are taking a game about growing flowers and talking to animal neighbors. It's perfectionist brain rot, the very idea that something might not look right on their island takes them to violently rant about Nintendo letting people jump off a pier.

@MochaKoffee Yeah, pretty much. It's unbelievably risky and unnecessary considering how cases continue to spike upwards. We're nowhere close to a downwards trend, kids packing into schools will absolutely trigger another big spike.

@MochaKoffee It's frustrating how badly the system is handling this on every single level across the board.

@MochaKoffee Hmm, yes, I see nothing wrong with the idea of opening schools next month. Those shining examples of excellent sanitary and hygienic conditions.

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille That's neat, glad people are working so hard to preserve the older consoles.

At this point in my life tho, can't imagine having the space necessary to have original hardware for all the old consoles I used to play lol.

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