imagine having bed hair at the screening where you're gifted a lifetime achievement award at a prestigious film festival

@mastohost this sounds more than reasonable and I've really appreciated your consistent uptime and quality of work in terms of keeping things updated and maintained over the years. would love to see you reach a point of sustainable positive benefits directed at you for all you've done for the fediverse

@MochaKoffee I really have no idea what he was thinking when he decided to buy it lol

the new Kendrick album is a lot, someone give him a hug

@MochaKoffee I guess I should add DC too, but the two companies are basically indistinguishable from one another on the comics side these days

@MochaKoffee when Marvel hires actual designers and artists who have creative freedom again instead of their current factory line operation

@MochaKoffee yeah, not sure if that was worth a ban, a warning probably would have sufficed

Dr Strange 2 spoilers 

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee it was extremely funny watching the audience light up at a different universe's version of the avengers with extremely recognizable heroes and then Raimi coming up with gruesome ways to kill them all like ten minutes later

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks don't worry, we've got fifty thousand Avatar movies coming to save us

Dr Strange 2 spoilers 

@MochaKoffee I've watched Patrick Stewart die as Professor Xavier 3 times now in theaters lol. let the poor guy do something else

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks it's just really hard to care about characters throwing CGI at other characters who throw CGI back at them

there's no depth, it's just checking off references and action set pieces. they're fine as popcorn munchers in a theater, but I have no desire to rewatch any of them

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee can confirm that lol

if you didn't watch Wandavision you'll be very confused by her actions. the only bits of it I really liked were the parts where Sam Raimi got to do his own thing. they put actual prosthetic makeup that reminded me of Evil Dead on Cummersnatch at one point and it was a joy

the Marvel elements were a drag

@NafiTheBear yeah, tusky is great too. been the default app for me for a while when not using the mobile browser

fyi, Mastodon recently put out official apps for both iOS and Android that are pretty decent if you're not all that satisfied with whatever you're using now

@MochaKoffee that's totally a result of the popularity of snapchat, instagram and tiktok. people are growing up in a world where a smart phone and social media are essentially body parts, so people are hard wired into putting personal stuff onto social media because it's no different than breathing for them

it's scary stuff, and older generations are doing a poor job of building the infrastructure needed to protect these kids and their way of living

@MochaKoffee we probably are failing younger generations by hiding how computers work from them so much. the youngest college students don't know how to use file directories anymore since they've grown up on search functions, so it wouldn't surprise me that they don't know how accessible their data is even if whatever tells them it's private. they probably assume encryption is happening when that doesn't happen nearly enough yet

"Admins can read your DMs on Masto."

yes, welcome to the internet, where any admin with database access of any app or site that doesn't have end to end encryption can read DMs. where were you when private forums were a thing

don't be putting intensely personal things you don't want people to know on any internet platform, kids

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