@MochaKoffee yeah, that's dumb. people need to quit using the size of her platform and reach to defend her.

just engage with her stuff one on one, if there's something of value there, cool, and if there's stuff that's worth criticizing, listen to the people who are saying it. I'm tired of people not being able to engage with each other in good faith anymore.

@MochaKoffee honestly, if she wasn't one of the most popular trans content creators, and basically a representation of the trans community, her ideas wouldn't even be that terrible. but she shouldn't be given this much attention because it paints the wrong picture of too many people, and it's not great for progression

bit of a hot take, but I do get the sense that a lot of her critics haven't spent much time in gay spaces and seen how a lot of offline gays talk and act still

@MochaKoffee not surprised by anything in here, she's very much set in her ways at this point

@MochaKoffee man, can't believe it's already been a decade since Bastion

@MochaKoffee don't think I've double dipped on any of the remasters yet. I heard Skyward Sword is much better on the Switch so I may try and give it a go again even tho I really did not like it first time around lol

put the rest of them on the Switch, Nintendo.

@MochaKoffee I'm starting to choose the idea that time doesn't actually exist to deal with it

@MochaKoffee yeah, they should have an arcade page to access old ones

cute game. more involved than I expected for a google doodle

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille that does suck. seems totally unnecessary to block them from uploading it

@MochaKoffee considering too that a lot of these games you were basically rolling the dice on quality, it makes way more sense to stick with the PS1 yeah.

75 bucks for Wayne Gretsky hockey lol

@MochaKoffee the only reason I played SNES and N64 games as soon as they came out was because my mother and grandmother played them

@MochaKoffee yeah, I didn't get a console as a kid until they were around 150 to 200 bucks. I had to rely on my Gameboy and GBA to handle the times between birthdays and Christmas which were the only times I got console games until I started working

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee I know right now a lot of those devs are dodging lawsuits by using the free to play defense and justifying in app purchases as their source of money, but they are definitely inviting future regulations coming down on them if someone rich enough gets together a decent legal team to tackle the issue

@MochaKoffee if a game was explicitly designed for kids, it'd be difficult to justify loot boxes where studios make their money, obviously

@MochaKoffee I like how it was completely ignored as the insane rambling it is

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks this isn't even a thing exclusive to Blizzard. plenty of companies that know better do this sort of shit

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