@mewfeuille He starts his scripts so grounded in realism, but then by the end he just rides pure feelings with absolutely no grounding and it always gives me whiplash.

If he's gonna spend most of his time on the technical details of his frames, he really does need a dedicated screenwriter to take his ideas and actually flesh them out into something consistent and coherent.

@mewfeuille I'd like him to maybe just break away from teen romance drama. Don't think he's gonna do any better in that genre than what he's already put out if he insists on writing his own stuff.

And like, maybe learn what a satisfying character arc is. And how to earn a climax. The one in WWY felt so unearned and forced. Can't figure out a way to build tension? Uh... add a gun! And now we know why cops are a thing in this movie! And somehow he can save her! No, don't ask for an explanation.

@mewfeuille Someone else saw Weathering With You tonight I take it.

He tried to replicate Your Name and we got a plotline that needed a few more rewrites and characters severely under developed, as usual.

Spent the whole movie waiting for why Hodaka ran away, and why he'd keep a gun and aim it at a person not once, but several times. And of course I got nothing for my patience.

I liked what he was going for, but this was undercooked.

@triumph_forks been watching baseball twitter a bit today and if what I'm reading is correct, everyone in the league has been cheating lol

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee

"There doesn’t seem to be any real organic idea animating Rise of Skywalker; instead it feels cobbled together from notes stuffed in the suggestion boxes of Reddit and Twitter."

:ohno: :ohno: :ohno:


@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee Yeah same, it's really difficult to go into conversations about Marvel films because all the talk about why they're good is because, they do justice to the comic books I guess?

To me, they're sort of like the Fast and the Furious films. I adore those movies, even though they are all ridiculous, non sensical, poorly written garbage. But I love the emphasis on family and doing anything for people you love. Marvel films hit the same notes, but no one talks about that.

@mewfeuille @MochaKoffee Yeah, as with any medium, 'perfect' is entirely meaningless for any given person. I may think Kiki's Delivery Service is a perfect film, for me, because it hits on so many things that resonates with me and my perspectives and lived experiences. But, I can't claim it to be objectively perfect by any means because there's literally no way to define that when it comes to artistic mediums, lol.

@MochaKoffee Went into the thread thinking I might post a response, took one look at the OP and immediately nope'd out, lol.


@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks welp. There it is, a game that requires people to basically upgrade their systems to the newest specs and spend $400 for a decent headset.

Or get the game for free if you drop a rack on Valve Index, lol.


@MochaKoffee Watched the first episode of Mandalorian. It's goofy as fuck, lol. Main character is part of a legit fantasy trope bounty guild and then he's also part of a Mandalorian clan and he gets a signet during the episode.

And he gets a super secret order from the remains of the Empire to go kill... a baby Yoda.

@MochaKoffee twitter.com/Polygon/status/118

It appears to be that time of the year where game journalism put out very bad, disingenuous articles again

@triumph_forks @MochaKoffee Truly amazing that this man has any role of power whatsoever.

@MochaKoffee there's a mad man playing SM64 blindfolded in here. I just watched him do cannonless blind, I'm fucking shook.


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