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please do not start calling Tumblr "bluesite."

Literally every social media platform is blue. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Mastodon...

I can't wait for Friday. We had the Tumblr spike and Friday we're gonna have the DOWN SMASH.

The sidekiq graphs will be glorious

oh man, this is a great video.

I love thinking about the possibility of extra terrestrial life and the vastness of space and what's in it.

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right wing internet nonsense Show more

of course humblr is run through cloudflare.

oh this is gonna be fuuuuuun to watch

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Hey fellow Tumblr Refugees. Welcome to and to the Mastodon federverse! I'm glad you decided to join us here. Just a reminder please be sure to mark content as sensitive and use the Content Warning (CW) buttons at the bottom of the post window when/where appropriate. Since content here can make it to other sites, this is the best way to not get reported/banned. We want to maintain good relations with our non-NSFW neighbors. Feel Free to DM me at anytime!

Gah, headache is gone thanks to the caffeine I had earlier, but now I feel all jittery in my chest.

I hate caffeine. :blobglare:

fun fact, I've seen the Krispy Kreme song dudes dick because of this lol

Man, silencing porn bots here is lot more unfun than deleting threads on forums when users would self destruct their accounts by posting poor quality porn jpegs and you'd leave the thread open for 5 minutes to watch users bash the user's choice selections before deleting it.

lol, I have a feeling a majority of my admin time will now be silencing porn bots that leave their images untagged.

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be clear on this: the agenda of Pleroma is set by those who contribute to it.

the purpose of the Pleroma project itself is to provide guidance, mediation and infrastructure for those who contribute to the Pleroma community, regardless of whether they are paid to do so or not.

if you truly believe that the project is a smokescreen to cover up fascism, then do what’s right: take the code and fork it. build your own fediverse server from the code without us.

but this hasn’t happened yet — because we’ve continued to play straight with the community, even as the project has grown. we have done, and continue to do, what we’ve said we’re going to do.

the project is bigger than lain, it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger all of us together. and this is how it must be.

Daaaaaaaaaamn. 4k users in like two days. Do not get between people and their porn.

I may not be a kin, but I'll die for your ability to be kin in a place safe from the harassment of others.

This is the only good subversion of the original statement which is actually garbage.

Indulging in a cup of coffee from. McDonald's for the first time in months due to a headache gotten from exhaustion.

God, there's so much fucking sugar in this stuff. How do people drink this daily.

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