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So, I was watching YouTube, and the person I was watching mentioned an app that let's you control a crane game in Japan for actual prizes they'll ship to you.

Interested in such a wild idea, I looked it up, got some free plays... and won a Snorlax plushie.

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@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks I don't think he'll do that. He's given interviews saying he liked where Rian took Rey's story. I can't imagine he'll pull a retcon of that magnitude if he's saying that.

watched Isn't It Romantic last night with the folks. kind of confused how it's currently sitting at 70% on RT. Comedy was sort of flat all the way throughout.

welp, trying to find 3 seats in a decent row for Captain Marvel tonight is almost impossible. looked at two different theaters and every showing tonight is almost sold out.

Hello B row.

watched HTTYD tonight. Utterly convinced they're going to keep going with this series even with the way they ended this one.

movie was alright, but extremely predictable through every beat. Kids under 10 will really like it, but every parent already knows that at this point.

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