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Seiken Densetsu 3 being localized was literally the most interesting part of the Direct for me, lol.

So, I was watching YouTube, and the person I was watching mentioned an app that let's you control a crane game in Japan for actual prizes they'll ship to you.

Interested in such a wild idea, I looked it up, got some free plays... and won a Snorlax plushie.

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@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks I don't think he'll do that. He's given interviews saying he liked where Rian took Rey's story. I can't imagine he'll pull a retcon of that magnitude if he's saying that.

watched Isn't It Romantic last night with the folks. kind of confused how it's currently sitting at 70% on RT. Comedy was sort of flat all the way throughout.

welp, trying to find 3 seats in a decent row for Captain Marvel tonight is almost impossible. looked at two different theaters and every showing tonight is almost sold out.

Hello B row.

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