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the last of us 2 spoilers probably 

@MochaKoffee TLOU2 threads have convinced me that most people will excuse anything any character in fiction does and still call them a hero as long as they're the protagonist, rendering any message a writer is trying to tell moot because people aren't going to get it, but will happily/somberly watch women and queer characters get shot in the head/brutally beaten into a pulp and say with a straight face it was all necessary for the story

I've got something of a neighborhood being built.

Since fences can't be diagonal, I'm gonna use flowers to fill in the gaps between fencing. Now to figure out color and type patterns.

Also, holy shit, the museum is huge.

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks I could see a lot of use cases for tech utilized like that.

@MochaKoffee I need to quit attempting to explain controversial film interpretations of disturbing horror films on Era. Everything is only literal.

@MochaKoffee @mewfeuille watching the OOT speedrun community slowly implode over the last few weeks ever since ACE was discovered sure has been something to watch.

Wonder how much longer the mods are planning to keep the WR setting Any% runs in a void because the new strats are angering purists.

@MochaKoffee Went into the thread thinking I might post a response, took one look at the OP and immediately nope'd out, lol.

@MochaKoffee @triumph_forks welp. There it is, a game that requires people to basically upgrade their systems to the newest specs and spend $400 for a decent headset.

Or get the game for free if you drop a rack on Valve Index, lol.

@MochaKoffee Watched the first episode of Mandalorian. It's goofy as fuck, lol. Main character is part of a legit fantasy trope bounty guild and then he's also part of a Mandalorian clan and he gets a signet during the episode.

And he gets a super secret order from the remains of the Empire to go kill... a baby Yoda.


It appears to be that time of the year where game journalism put out very bad, disingenuous articles again

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