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Watched the Boys in the Band film on Netflix last night. The original play is an important part of queer history, and I was hoping this film adaptation would carry the weight of that well.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't connect with Jim Parsons' character enough to care.

Moved into a new office building this week, and they've given me unlimited access to a cappuccino machine.

This is too much responsibility to trust me with.

Going through Twitter withdrawals. Need my fix. I feel so uninformed.

Really enjoying listening to Amy Coney Barrett say, "I've never discriminated based on sexual preference."

My sexuality isn't a preference. A preference is me preferring hazelnut creamer over french vanilla. Straight up dogwhistling over in this committee room.

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the following servers are welcoming snouts users. please be respectful of their capacity limits and rules.

Instance — Sign Up Limit — no limit — no limit — 250 — 100 — 100 — 50 — 25 — known friends only

dm to add your instance.

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quiet users looking for a quiet instance that will quietly persist forever, is right over here.

@mewfeuille Black cats from anime unite.

I really need to rewatch nichijou

Name a more iconic duo than Friday night and weed.

Wild to me how people are leaving mastodon back to Twitter because of a disagreement with instance moderation.

Like, Twitter is worse in this regard, obviously. But mastodon is a platform that lets you create your own instance. If you don't like how an instance is being run, split off and set up your own. It's really baffling watching the federated timeline rn.

Cleaned up some CSS stuff on the backend and made a few changes too. Don't think I broke anything, but if something suddenly isn't working, let me know.

@MochaKoffee That is probably what happened to it, yeah.

I would really like to eventually see the unicorn fountain in actual detail just to see if they did transplant assets from it to other parts of the game or MM. Trying to gauge room size and exact textures from tiny screenshots is an impossible task.

@MochaKoffee New hundo route for OoT has completely broken a game I had previously thought was already thoroughly broken.

@MochaKoffee one thousand posts to mostly defend the standard industry practice of game studios harassing reviewers who dare step outside the marketing expectations of certain people games that are expected to be 10/10 across the board.

@MochaKoffee "Let's see how ND handled the trans character storyline."

*looks up Wiki on him*

"Oh, nice, they deadnamed him in the first sentence here."

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