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@MochaKoffee I only saw it once and never felt any need to revisit it, but if it's done well I wouldn't mind a series that follows the gang they developed for it.

They were pretty bare bones in the film, but I can see them becoming interesting characters if fleshed out more in a series.

@MochaKoffee Nintendo is issuing DMCA notices against Australian streamers on Twitch who are turning around and banning them for 48 hours for streaming Age of Calamity.

Which came out in Australia already. :blobcatglaredrink:

Man, finding out that like half of the SMW Kaizo community went mask off about their transphobia in the last month sure is something to discover during Trans Awareness Week.

@MochaKoffee Still think they're overpaying, but this is more reasonable. Don't know what Sony plans on doing with both Funimation and CR tho.

This was really sweet and tender. Love to see this sort of queer representation in film. One of those experiences rarely seen on film where an awkward moment of sex is met with kindness instead of shame and disgust.

@triumph_forks love how it looks like the Giants have negative 7 points and it's still totally believable.

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After you're done watching it, go read the play and the 1970 film adaptation too. It's a revealing look into what the gay community was dealing with right before the AIDS crisis struck. Learn you your gay history.

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He just can't deliver what I always perceived Michael to be. If you're not familiar with the source, give it a watch. It touches on how being gay in a society that hates you can cause feelings of self hatred and the fallout of relationships that can occur because of that.

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Watched the Boys in the Band film on Netflix last night. The original play is an important part of queer history, and I was hoping this film adaptation would carry the weight of that well.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't connect with Jim Parsons' character enough to care.

Moved into a new office building this week, and they've given me unlimited access to a cappuccino machine.

This is too much responsibility to trust me with.

Going through Twitter withdrawals. Need my fix. I feel so uninformed.

Really enjoying listening to Amy Coney Barrett say, "I've never discriminated based on sexual preference."

My sexuality isn't a preference. A preference is me preferring hazelnut creamer over french vanilla. Straight up dogwhistling over in this committee room.

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