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Mario Golf was my highlight lol, tho maybe I'll finally pick up a Splatoon game now with the third one.

Master Sword joycon should be in the left hand :angery:

oh hell yeah, Ninja Gaiden games. could relive throwing myself at a wall over and over

You all liked those Mario games right? Well, how about this new game?

*JRPG tactics game*

eyeing Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but that's 444 episodes :mario_flop:

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HXH got ridiculously gruesome after 75 episodes lol, talk about an adjustment in viewing expectations.

my bones are turning to ash at the realization I'm older than all of them except Billy Boyd (barely) were when they filmed lotr

oh how I've missed you bill wurtz. 2020 was a darker year without you

jesus christ. I've been obliterated. gonna crawl into a hole and never come out after this.

legitimately struggling to figure out what the title of this movie is with this poster lol

how did I spend my Saturday?

just watching the entirety of the Mandalorian. I'm obligated to watch Star Wars stuff. Disney owns me by blood.

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