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@MochaKoffee man, this thread has been quietly going along, people talking about and enjoying it and still people feel the need to jump in and state how they dislike it. can't you just ignore the thread

the new porter robinson is good, yes I am a high school girl, and yes we can listen to owl city later

@MochaKoffee not sure how well received coming back with an almost two hour long video on cancel culture is going to go

Fox News after mass shooting: I sleep

Fox News after a gay, over the top sexy music video drops:

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fox news types sending up the alarms because lilnasx slid down a stripper pole and gave Satan a lap dance is extremely funny.

how can you be mad at this shit, it's campy as fuck

rip Promised Neverland fans. you've just experienced what happens to most anime that doesn't sell enough to justify its existence as a manga advertisement

Mario Golf was my highlight lol, tho maybe I'll finally pick up a Splatoon game now with the third one.

Master Sword joycon should be in the left hand :angery:

oh hell yeah, Ninja Gaiden games. could relive throwing myself at a wall over and over

You all liked those Mario games right? Well, how about this new game?

*JRPG tactics game*

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