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My partner got a commission!!!!!! It's AMAZING

Time to get ready for the big night!! Featuring @maolfunction !!

Art by @gotsomehaps on twitter dot com

Metroid Dread spoilers 

that final boss is a doozy of a fight. like an old school SNES fight in terms of length, tho it's very friendly in terms of giving you health and missiles back

seeing complaints about Dread's difficulty is kind of selling me on the game more lol. I wasn't planning on picking it up for a bit, but seeing a couple fights and the map layout is making me rethink that idea

pov: you're a journalist trying to understand the web developer explaining to you the reason why FB went down

@MochaKoffee It's astonishing how many people on Era don't understand how professional media criticism works.

"I want my reviewer as neutral as possible."

You don't want a film critic, you want a checklist. You want movies graded like they're a build your own computer parts list.

oh my god, there's one shot in this near the beginning that's one long take that imitates the male gaze by fusing two masculine fetishes together visually, but also imitates cinematography that male filmmakers put on a pedestal. it's so good, it's so fucking good

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Titane rocked my shit. gay people, you need to go see this in theaters on the biggest screen possible now, while you have the chance. This movie ain't going to be around in the States more than two weeks

"we're not furries!" says man who spent hundreds of dollars on the equivalent of an adoptable

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which trilogy that isn't Star Wars should I do next. it'll be a step down, but I'm thinking Blade

can't believe I'm going to quintuple dip for OoT

some of those that work forces, eat the paste that's for horses

snaggletooth has officially been online for more than three years now


cute game. more involved than I expected for a google doodle

suicide mention 

man, finding out that one of the people who was instrumental in making SNES emulation as accurate as possible committed suicide over the weekend because of Kiwi Farms harassment of both them and their friends has got me both depressed and infuriated today. what a senseless loss of someone who's done so much work for the emulation scene.

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