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I'm interviewing a japanese artist by email and it's killing me the way every single email from her is signed "sent from my iphone"

due to the deep sadness I am currently feeling, I have decided to go to mcdonalds and get the travis scott meal

Just got out of the shower to hear the RBG news.


good morning, babes

slept like a rock. how was the direct?

I don't know what the fuck I think of FFXVI lol. It looks cool. I think?

Didn't watch anything else from the event. Is there anything else I should care about?

Just been keeping my mind on work to distract from the bad stuff. It's working somewhat, but it's lonely.

Sorry I have been so untalkative. Can't really go into details, but I've been having one of the worst weeks of my life. It's been really difficult to keep it together, and moments of clarity where I can hold a normal conversation have been far and few between.

I'll be okay, but I dunno how long it's gonna take.

wow, the mario remaster is real. can't believe it.

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