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nothing worse than stupid boys fishing for compliments from me while I'm sad and worried about my cat


I managed to get some help. Gonna go to the vet in the morning. ;;

My cat seems sick and I can't afford to take her to a vet until kuu gets back on thursday. I'm really scared.

If you wanna find the undercover cops on twitter, look no further than that tag

God. Sending in my completed writing is probably never gonna stop making me feel anxious. >.<

my editor finally sent me the details at 5:30 AM when I'm about to sleep lol

hope he likes my rushed review

@MochaKoffee finished galko and now I'm sad bc it was way too short

guess I'll grab the OVA and then read the manga lol

>editor asks me if I can do something due by sunday
>i respond immediately, say yes
>it's friday night and i still don't know what i'm supposed to be doing

Capitalism is bonkers. They're making some kind of weird Mr. Peanut death ARG to sell nuts.

I joined kc's discord server and she's such a sweet person. Actually talks to people and uses the place to hang out and make friends. 😭

played the last game in the series. it was really good. i cried. 😭

I kinda wanna play dbz kakarot lol. it looks bad in a fun way

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