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Listed a bunch of my spare amiibo cards on ebay and Beau sold immediately lol. I guess he popular, but...... meh.

I am getting better at reading Japanese really fast and I feel very powerful

Seeing Promare on Sunday. I was lazy and bought the tickets at the last minute so the seats kinda suck but at least they're not the front row lol

They did a re-make of Star Ocean: First Departure. That's cool, but that game sucks and I'm not sure who was asking for it lol

Still can't get over the fact that the pharmacist that gave me my meds had Kingdom Hearts pins all over his coat

I am annoyed though because I have albums to review. I need these for WORK

Takstar Pro 82s are also in the running. They're the cheapest but also supposedly pretty good.

The ESS 422H are also on my shortlist but those are some hard as fuck to find headphones. I still wanna cop a pair, but I think I'll wait on those unless I get insanely lucky.

The headband broke on my HM5s again. I could get another headband and keep using ol' reliable for another few years but I think it's finally time to move on to something else. I think I'm gonna get the Sivga 006.

I'm so irritated that I have money saved for the Analogue Pocket but they won't just let me buy it

Kaminazo is a really nice game but it's extremely hard to recommend to the average person

Also doing origami with printer paper kinda sucks

this is sort of a lame shiny but I love him anyway

I changed my mind, obenkyo is actually pretty good

the drawing test is actually hella good for making sure you know the characters. I don't really wanna test myself with multiple choice because I feel like I'm getting everything correct just by suggestion

it's a pretty solid way to do kana drills too so you don't get rusty

I should have known better from a free kanji learning app, but Obenkyo looks like it was made in 2009 lol.

Might have to pay money for something

Donut County is a really good game. The successor to Katamari we never knew we needed

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