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rough night. I can normally keep my depressingly low self-esteem in check, but it's really messing me up right now.

@MochaKoffee when I watched the TV series 5 years ago it did not register in my brain that this is Rydeen by Yellow Magic Orchestra lol

is this a thing that marching bands actually do or does someone at kyoani just have taste??

@MochaKoffee I am in the mood for something kyoani so I think I'm gonna get back into hibike euphonium. I am gonna watch the recap movie of the first season to refresh my memory because I only kinda remember it but I don't wanna watch the whole thing again lol

alex trebek's passing is the actual worst news of the year. i am devastated

transcribing interviews might be the literal worst task ever. it takes a long time and it's boring, and I have to hear my own awful voice

even not looking at stuff as much as popsicle i'm still stresst out..... good night ;(

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