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I feel like watching how anime fans talk about goro miyazaki is a good test of empathy. the things people say are so genuinely fucked up

almost tempted to buy the zelda g&w just to use it for the clock function lol

@MochaKoffee 6 eps into Kashimashi and yeah, it's good. really wish everyone I know didn't make it the butt of a joke and color my perception of it in a negative way lol

I know they're not gonna go the polyamory route in the end, but they should :angery:

Trying to decide which GBC to get for an IPS mod, and this one is tugging at my heartstrings

@MochaKoffee @Kireek oh, I got this in recently. it's literally brand new, I'm kind of afraid to touch it lol

@MochaKoffee oh, can't remember if I showed you, but

I made a lala alt on aether and gave her the tarutaru nose :hamham:

someday, maybe, I will watch the 3 GB .mkv file containing the film Penguin Highway that I downloaded like three years ago, but today is not that day

I will, instead, watch some trash

playing the tokimeki memorial themed match 3 game on PS1 and god damn. mira kagami got hands :ohno:

@MochaKoffee this actually looks cool and unique for once and people are mad that it's not another boring re-hash of the anime lol

all my villagers guilt tripping me for not playing for a year lol

i'm sorry, genji 😭

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