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emulation question 

hey does anyone know how to install emulators on the retroid pocket 2? so far the only n64 emulator it has is mupen but thats resulting in some wird visual glitches on my paper mario rom >:v

Open to learn what the best granola bar is 

Rice Krispy treat

lewd shitpost 

slime sona cum aka googurt

correct me if im wrong but isnt the shining about a man who gets so spooked by the ghost on the back of the halloween oreos that he tries to kill his wife

super mario galaxy doodles... bouldergeist is a very serious boss do not bully him

wild how some really great leftist spaces are doomed to fail cuz yall cant get over yourselves and have some fucking tact lol

y'know i actually liked masto before y'all decided to just rip each other apart over the most petty shit. not everyone needs to fucking posit about the same fucking thing. be kind to your moderators assholes. im not even on yalls instances n i feel bad for the people that have to babysit u just for u to infight n be annoying af and then complain abt them

hey folks, I'm out for the foreseeable future. If you want to keep in touch I'm over at now.

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