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sorry im kinda weird about the follow thing if i dont let u in its prolly cuz 1: real person icons freak me out when im tryna ~~escape~~ or 2: i dont really know who u r or cant tell if u know my friends or havent seen u around
its really just an anxiety thing for me, sowwy

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here's some stuff I've been working on today - A masoleum and Tombstone created in 3D software

happy goodra day!! 🎊🎉🐌

I hope goodra comes to poke cafe mix

gay communism aka getting bred then getting bread

oh to be a little bunny crumching on some lettuce.... yommy

i open my mouth and a nightcore version of fireflies by owl city starts playing

give me blep of give me death

artfight friendly fire on of her character Paradise

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