Sometimes I like to think about if I reversed time and went back to when I was in high school. I like to think about what I would need to do change my life for the better with the knowledge I have now while still gaining the friendships I've gotten in my current life. Would it even be possible? Could I form those relationships at all knowing all that i know now? I feel like an entirely different person than who I was just a year ago.

5 games meme 

Controversial opinion but I’m glad we, as a society, moved away from using the term “epic fail.”

I stopped watching Adventure Time a long time ago but I'm kinda curious to see it all sometime. It definitely was a game changer and I'd say it moved us away from the spongebob era of cartoons

So im in a bathroom stall and a guy in the next stall over took off his shoes, socks and pants completely. I've never seen somebody do this.

Oh my God I can't sleep and I'm supposed to wake up in 4 hours

I have to work until close tonight and then get up early for class tomorrow. Basically no fun allowed for almost 24 hours. Not looking forward to that

Bad feelings 

Bad feelings 

Mastodon is small enough that I don't feel weird just replying to anybody's toot.

Im glad that I can open Mastodon in public and not see dicks

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