@MochaKoffee "Valve finally fixed a server crash exploit script losers kept using on Valve servers for the past two months"

wow I've been gone for too long lmao


Just fucked around and traded Raymond the glasses cat for 630 nook miles tickets :ohno:

good god, Nook Miles Tickets are literally turning into the TF2 keys of the Animal Crossing economy :angery:

I've been so bored I've been doing stuff I normally never do, like "binge watch" televesion, specifically the first eleven seasons of the Simpsons

I have nothing to say about anything right now

fuck!!! this can't possibly be happening!!!! I hate this game!!!

@MochaKoffee btw if you still need some pieces for the DIY robot, I unlocked the recipe for the gold armor

Huh, replaying Mass Effect - a game where the galactic government dismisses a huge threat to civilization as a hoax and then is completely unprepared once it happens sure hits differently in 2020. :angery:

The Son has returned to take His holiday back....and this time He's pissed off!!!

Bro are you fucking kidding me???? I thought you had two days to invite somebody over before nook sold the plot to someone and he sold it after the first day I couldn't recruit anybody

this game makes no fucking sense

Infrastructure week never stops on my island, I will build all the bridges and inclines even if I have to capture the entire scorpion population

I'm really starting to like how my island is shaping up so far

I've dropped about a million bells on the nice brick bridges (also because I wanted to blow up a couple I didn't like) throw me a fucking bone here man

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