Though I do find it funny people value Vipers a hell of a lot more than "the last FR Corvettes" lmao

sorry boomer but that doesn't just magically increase the value of your 2000 mile base model Corvette with tacky chrome wheels

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For something low production like an ACR? Sure I get it. But for base models??????

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absolutely horrifying watching all these super low mileage 5th gen Dodge Vipers fetch six figures on shit-a-trailer

Finally landed a higher paying job and I get to work from home lmao

How the fuck do you get paid $50 million and get rocked by the PIRATES in 2/3rds of an inning??? Embarrassing

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Finally decided to resume my playthrough of Valkyria Chronicles 4. I feel like this game has a lot more dialogue than the first one, to the point where Chapter 10 has two full pages of story scenes before getting to the battle lol

As a Dodgers fan watching Blake Snell struggle massively with the Padres so far is very funny to me. :yes:

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Trevor Bauer is a huge fucking piece of shit but the man is definitely proving he was worth that contract so far. As they say, if he sticks to sports then I have no problem with him.

No, I do NOT want to download league of losers on the google play store please stop asking

Really hope we get some sort of Metroid news at E3. I'm not counting on it but it would be cool. Even like a trailer or preview for Prime 4 would be sick.

That and I've been hearing a lot of rumors too that the same developers behind Samus Returns have been working on a brand new 2D Metroid game as well. I just really want to see the Metroid series come back swinging.

I always knew Shohei Ohtani would be sensational! Dude has just struggled massively with injuries these past couple of years

tfw you have fight a Tojo clan traitor who was also manipulated by the CIA to secure land for a military base in Okinawa on top of a hospital rooftop in order to save your clans boss from getting his life support plugs pulled - all while not having a shirt on

For the love of god Nintendo please get rid of the Boo in MK9

I'm still mad the PS3 store is closing because the majority of PS3 games were dirt cheap to grab used for the longest time. Now all of a sudden people are rushing to buy PS3 games.

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LMAO I missed out on my chance to buy 3D Dot Game Heroes for a normal price

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