Tekken 7 is indisputably the best fighting game this gen

help I accidentally ate something with onions in it and I can't get the taste of onions out of my mouth!!!!!!

I haven't watched any basketball all year but it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers are doing well

not gonna lie I think it would be lit if they ported the mass effect trilogy on the Switch so I can finally retire the old Playstation 3

I had a dream last night where some sort of NASA spacecraft crashed in my backyard

Then a shit ton of planes started falling from the sky in an open field behind the house until one plane eventually fell on top of out house. That shit was wild

It's amazing to me just how bad the NFC East is year in and out

LMAOOOO the cowboys are really going to lose to the trash ass bears?????

for real though, imagine being a fan of the persona game series LMAO

I went there a couple years ago and they had some pieces from Claude Monet up. Now that's some good shit there

The local art museum has a sick temporary exhibit consisting of a bunch of classic race cars. I don't have anything going on tomorrow so I'm definitely gonna go check it out. :yes:

Imagine if Nissan just made a newer, lighter GTR with that very same body. I don't know if it would have completely turned the performance car market upside down like the original R35 GTR, but it would have been really damn cool. Nissan with the missed opportunities as usual.

I completely forgot this existed lol

Nissan got an Italian coachmaker to make a "new GTR" - except it wasn't really new car. Also it was a limited run of only 50 cars and cost more than a million dollars. I can't imagine why nobody would want to buy a GTR with a fancy new body kit. Still looks cool as hell tbh

I'm suddenly reminded of the insane debates last year arguing whether or not the fictional character created to sell bottles of Coca-Cola, Santa Claus should be a woman or not.

There was so many articles about it, you would think it was an actual thing people cared about. Turns out, nobody who isn't a psychotic reactionary really cares about the gender of a fictional holiday mascot! Who would have thought.

Cherry picking random tweets to create a narrative probably has to be the biggest grift in "journalism" these days.

thinking about buying a new pair of Vans tomorrow

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