@MochaKoffee felt like playing some Ridge Racer so I popped in RR7 in my PS3. These games really hold up so damn well, I can't believe RR7 and RR2 PSP are both sixteen year old games :angry_laugh:

Oops accidentally took a four hour long nap after the race lmao

LeClerc crashing and DNFing is so boring because he's the only fucker capable of stopping Verstappen from just winning every fucking race.

Fuck Horner, Perez deserves this win. Stop trying to give Verstappen extra points

Did they fucking super glue Max's DRS flaps or what? Come on man

I can't see Mick scoring points, the Haas is just a bit too slow in race trim

Is the track that hot??? Everyone's rears are just sliding with the softs

This Mookie Betts guy is pretty good at baseball

Was watching the first episode of Top Gear USA out of pure boredom and Matt Farah is just randomly in the background LMAO

I give up on netgear routers so I'm taking the L and renting one from my ISP

LMAO Verstappen's shit unreliable car coming in clutch for LeClerc to take back pole :angry_laugh:

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