Oh man Doom 3 takes forever to get going doesn't it?

damn it this new eshop sale actually has stuff I want to get :angery:

Wonder if the Bad Company 2 servers are still active on PS3 :blobthinking:

Am I the only person who doesn't care for analog triggers for anything other than racing games? I'd much have a shorter travel time for aim and shooting inputs than a more "authentic" feel. That's why I don't really mind the Switch only has digital trigger buttons.

But also I'm just too used to using the top row shoulder buttons for shooters lol

I see Subaru is too much of a bitch to throw in a WRX engine in the BRZ

Sweet, managed to pick up Sega Rally Revo for $10 online. It doesn't have a manual but I couldn't care less about that lmao

Time for some arcade styled rallying :toot:

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