Anyway there's zero actual reward for actually winning the division this year, which sucks. But it's also just funny as hell to piss off the Extremely Online Padres fans as well. We all gotta take some Ws before the Dodgers inevitably fuck this postseason run up.

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Eight years back to back divisional champs. And not a single word coming out of the mouth of Padres fans for the uhhhh three times (including zero series wins) they beat the Dodgers all year. :blobthinking:

Imagine being a fan of a team that doesn't pass on early downs...couldn't be my team...

Absolutely disgusting how the new M3/M4 weigh as much as a 2010 Nissan GTR despite being RWD cars. The era of smooth handling BMWs has been dead. New M cars are just for autobahn pulls.

Drew Brees is officially washed. Time to take the old racist dog down and set my man Jameis free

The Las Vegas Raiders (this is still absolutely weird to type out) stadium is so damn tacky. Literally just a gigantic black hole in the middle of the fakest city on earth. Nothing is more fitting for that franchise

They tried to cancel Christ once. But he ended up coming back three days later and subsequently went on an epic 40-day long trolling spree before getting IP banned for good.

I gotta pick up my Mario 3D All Stars preorder before friday lmaooo

good thing I get Wednesday/Thursday off

YOU, dumb: "hey wait a minute this is the same track a the PS1 game, the aesthetic is even the same too, what gives?

ME, smart: "yes I know that's the best part"

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Ridge Racer 2 on the PSP is definitely the true swan song of the series. It doesn't add anything new, but includes like almost every track from the original arcade and console games. There's also a ton of memorable songs as well as some new remixes. What a damn nostalgia trip to see Type 4 tracks like Shooting Hoops rendered with better graphics. 😭

well shit, should probably pick up those classic Doom games off the Switch eshop before Microsoft deletes them

man too much shit is going on all at once, I'm gonna need to move out of the house sooner than later probably

Can the Seahawks go one game against the Patriots that isn't decided on the fucking goal line???? jesus christ man

>Pete putting the game in the hands of his bottom tier defense

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