my mom wanted to go to Olive Garden for her birthday and I ended up spending like $40 lmao

what the fuck Kobe Bryant is really dead

I'm speechless what the fuck

I had a weird dream last night that somebody broke into my car but I also had a portal in my back seat that could take me to my house

@MochaKoffee people really thought Sakurai was gonna make a surprise announcement at EVO lmao

@MochaKoffee Apparently top 8 has seven Leroy players

I'm thinking he's kinda busted

haven't eaten anything in over 20 hours LMAO

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Animal Crossing takes 

lmao there was a power outage at work that crashed all the register computers

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If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet

The only good thing about youtube is that there's a guide to fix a problem for just about every car manufactured. Now I can go back to sleep. :toot:

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