Btw....Ass, Damn and hell are allowed on my page. That's mild, generic profanity. Nothing else.

It's so insane how dangerous this shit is, when they start bringing up nonsense about how bill gates is trying to install chips inside everybody or how the coronavirus isn't real and vaccines are mind control devices you know their brains are officially broken by the algorithm™

I don't understand why people take this shit at face value? Are people that stupid and gullible or are people incapable of critical thinking?

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youtube/facebook algorhitmns have rotten their brains beyond all repair, any mildly religious person who looks up christian stuff on youtube is immediately treated to end times conspiracy theories and all matter of psychotic "youtube pastors" with the goal of radicalizing people into becoming paranoid dipshits obsessed with reading their bibles

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nothing scares a dipshit boomer/gen Xer more than the rapture and vaccines

I just had a weird dream where I was in high school again and they were sending us all to some underground bunker because Israel accidentally nuked itself and for some reason the pentagon was on fire too

rename the Washington racist football team name to the Washington Warios

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Pleasantly surprised with how fast Nintendo fixed my drifting joycons. I should finally get them back in the mail later this week. :toot:

Now I have way too many Switch controllers lol

wow madden is really gonna do my man Russell Wilson dirty and rate him 97 overall

loving the tears of the racists

glad to be a fan of sports teams that don't have racist names and logos. you can argue the seahawks logo is an appropriation of native american culture but ehhhhhhhhhh I don't think it's in a bad way though

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holy SHIT they're finally going to rename the washington dc racist team name football team

Hopefully the Cleveland baseball team is next

sometimes you get lucky with the RNG 🙌🏽

"no big deal we're gonna lock the earliest mage you get with his own Prf brave tome to a gaiden chapter that you can only access if the green unit AI isn't awful on the previous chapter"

- Shouzou Kaga, 1999

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Chapter 4 is of upmost importance to get right. If any of the civilians fail to escape, then you don't get access to chapter 4x. No chapter 4x means no Asvel who is perhaps the best combat unit in all of Thracia 776. Without a solid mage to sweep bosses for Leif the game just becomes frustrating thanks to the waves reinforcements this game loves to throw at you lol

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