I saw cinnamon flavored coca-cola at the store today and wow that sounds nasty

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I hate the mouse and keyboard I have now though, I don't trust wireless stuff for gaming

Valve's TF2 matchmaking actually puts me in servers with low ping, what a massive improvement that should have been implemented years ago

I think I'm gonna play some TF2 pubs tonight lol

The bright side is that they play two terrible teams in the next two weeks in time for MNF vs the 49ers (who hopefully won't still undefeated) so 7-2 is very much possible.

I'm just praying the Seahawks don't play like shit against the Falcons and Bucs.

This is my fault for thinking the Seahawks might be a contender this year. Russell Wilson's amazing play completely obfuscated just how bad the Seahawks talent and coaching is.

The only other quarterback who could ever pull off that shit was Michael Vick. Lamar Jackson is fucking good, but most importantly: has a coaching staff WILLING to play around his strengths. Unlike Vick and countless other "rushing QBs".

The Seattle Seahawks 2019 gameplan in a nutshell:

1. Run the football
2. Play good defense
3. When that doesn't work, pray Russell Wilson can play a perfect game
4. ???
5. Profit

The Seahawks just lost to a team where the other team's quarterback completed just 9 (nine) passes all day.

It's been too long since somebody came at me on twitter dot com to argue about sports. :helldude:

Aaaaaaaand Lamar Jackson is dunking on the defense. Game over. Overrated team finally got exposed.

I just can't anymore. All the bad challenges. All the wasted time outs. All the conservative punts and field goals. He needs to fucking retire already.

man all because Pete Carroll kicked a field goal IN BAD WEATHER

Coaching matters. Coaching fucking matters.

Lamar Jackson has been the Ravens only offense all game lol

hate this game so much, the playcalling has been terrible all around

I hate to say it but the Seahawks really need to start running the football more since Baltimore's secondary is way better than Seattle's WR corps. They're doing Russell no favors here

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