And yes, his license plate cover has the M logo on it despite it not having any sort of M-Sport options on it lol

I'm driving slow Mercedes from 2007, please leave me alone

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I was getting tailgated like a motherfucker by some weirdo in a base model BMW 8-Series with a license plate that read "LAWYER"

Turn off ESC next time you decide to get into your car bro

What a scummy move by Lamborghini's marketing team to make it look like the original designer of the Countach was endorsing the "new" one. He's got every right to be pissed at Lamborghini and their cynical cash grab

Seahawks vs 49ers is always a battle 😤

This year they're battling for last place 😤

how much is epic paying capcom to throw in all their characters in fortnight

@MochaKoffee It's almost as if newer tech allows us to enjoy the hobby without a lot of the downsides we had to deal with lol

Weirdest thing I've ever seen since the PS5/Series X came out are people complaining about long loading times on the Switch. It's you guys remember the unbearable load times on the first disc-based consoles? The Switch is still a big step up compared to the mess that was the PS4/XB1

@MochaKoffee It's been almost a decade since the ME3 ending shitshow and the things that went down behind the scenes is genuinely wild

Yakuza 4 still has some of my favorite moments in the whole damn series lol

At one point the game tricked me into thinking it was glitching out for a certain side quest. You just don't see that shit in games anymore man. I absolutely recommend it as long as you're getting it on Switch or PS5 or on a PC launcher that isn't Steam.

The other ports were unfortunately pirated by the publisher so the developers don't get a single cent off of them after some sort of contract the dispute.

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I picked up The Sinking City off the eShop and I loved how anti-AAA game it was. The combat is janky (gyro aim helps tho) and the game is intentionally vague for a lot of stuff such as finding clues or even getting to the next point in your investigation. Clues are hidden in stupid spots. You actually have to learn how to read the map, learn where to find the right streets and mark the map yourself.

Such a good game, probably one of my favorite games I played all year.

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I'm weirdly excited to pick up the GTA Trilogy eventually lol

Hopefully the Switch port doesn't run like shit

I just had a weird dream I was trying to pull out something stuck inside my throat and it was a massive collection of gum :angery:

It makes you really appreciate how relatively simpler the Wii is in comparison. It wasn't too powerful so it didn't need a special cooling solution. Disc drive fails? Just pop in a new one because there's no need to disassemble the old drive for its logic board lol

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Once again, I really need to set aside a weekend to repaste the thing. The console actually feels hot after an hour or so of play and I don't even have the OG fat model with the shitty cooling, the CELL is just that inefficient lol

Since Sony apparently can't provide a true backwards compatible solution to the PS3, maintaining the hardware and emulation is gonna be important for preserving these old games.

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