@MochaKoffee Random thought just popped into my head: I feel like the Steamdeck is Valve's reaction to the Nintendo Switch taking a lot of Steam's usual indies and RPG sales. Not to mention the Switch has ample 3rd party support to keep a whole lot of different people satisfied. I know Steam has a lot more games at cheaper prices but starting at $200 you're getting a damn good handheld with all those games *and* Nintendo games.

@MochaKoffee Yeah I remember why people like Final Fantasy: because they're games you can just chill out to and play for like five hours straight without it feeling like you just played a game for five hours straight lol :theydonothing:

This shit is a MESS

If there's like two or more enemies the allies just seemingly do whatever the fuck they want instead of ganging up on one dude

Alright, I'm quickly learning mechanist is a good job for rabbit lady since she can unlock quite a few gambit slots early and alternate between offensive magics and heals

Trying to figure out a job for Balthier. Samurai seems to work work Vaan since he had a speedy attack recharge bar thing. Maybe....Ninja?

I don't understand how gambits work, surely there's a way to have my party member spam magic attacks instead of rushing with her dagger all the time

Nevermind the moogle dude at the bounty hunters guild can change my class

Sweet lol

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I guess I'll restart since I can't seem to equip any real weapons as the job I was stuck picking by default lol

Why the fuck would the game give me an item that reduces all exp gain to 0?

I don't think I should be fighting the dinosaurs in the desert :theydonothing:

I don't want to start out as a white mage, that's fucking lame :no:

@MochaKoffee What's the difference between battle mode wait and active?

Oh yeah I'm really seeing the Star Wars influence in FFXII pretty much immediately lol

oh shit, totally forgot Samurai Warriors 5 is coming out soon

I prefer it over the main series honestly, hyper attacks that let you rush through the battlefield ensures the action is always fast paced. I got a 6500 hit combo mashing the triangle button as Masamune Date in SW4 once lol

Thinking about how awesome it would be to play MW2 or Black Ops on the Nintendo Switch

@MochaKoffee Is it really true "Kojima" translated in English means small island? People are wilding out again lol

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