I hate watching Russell Wilson play in the rain 😫

sucks how Pete Carroll's clock and time out/challenge management is so bad during times like these

Russ has no time to do anything. His line continues to fail him

Tre Flowers and Shaq Griffin are slowly becoming a solid CB duo. It's only a matter of time before they start picking off quarterbacks

I hate to say it but the Seahawks really need to start running the football more since Baltimore's secondary is way better than Seattle's WR corps. They're doing Russell no favors here

hate this game so much, the playcalling has been terrible all around

Lamar Jackson has been the Ravens only offense all game lol

man all because Pete Carroll kicked a field goal IN BAD WEATHER

Coaching matters. Coaching fucking matters.

I just can't anymore. All the bad challenges. All the wasted time outs. All the conservative punts and field goals. He needs to fucking retire already.


Aaaaaaaand Lamar Jackson is dunking on the defense. Game over. Overrated team finally got exposed.

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