I see due to popular demand, Porsche has finally brought back the flat six on the Cayman/Boxster. Let's see how much it costs:

> starts at $80,000

911s are getting pretty big though, so I guuuueeeeesss this is okay?

Sheesh, the 991 and 992 911s weigh anywhere between 1500-1630 kgs. Crazy to think a decade ago the 997s floated around 1300 kgs. But people insisted on having useless things that weigh down their Porsches such as "cupholders" and "dual clutch transmissions"

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I get safety standards are forcing cars to be bigger and therefore heavier, but honestly stop trying to make everything excessively luxurious and get rid of all that dumbass tech and I guarantee you cars wouldn't weigh as crazy as they do now. We have the materials and the engineering know how to make cars that aren't huge pigs.

But alas, that's not what the customers who can afford these cars want. :no:

Meanwhile those French maniacs at Renault-Alpine made a car that only weighs 1,115 kgs - in 2017!!!!

oh my god these are so fucking awesome

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