Wonder if the Bad Company 2 servers are still active on PS3 :blobthinking:

@MochaKoffee I just bought the regular edition for $5. No point in spending more for the legendary editions when the download codes are most likely used.

If it's dead then it's no big deal. I guess I could just play the campaign lol

@triumph_forks Bad Company campaigns were the closest BF's campaigns have ever gotten to being good lol

@MochaKoffee I still don't know why they used that fucking song for the Gears trailer when actual game is RAH RAH RAH KILL THE ALIENS lmao

@MochaKoffee I guess it worked since everybody associates this song with Gears now, completely forgetting it was a cover of an 80s song the whole time lmao

Xbox had good marketing back then. Now they're all buzzwords and numbers pimping because that's all they have left. :blobthinking:

@triumph_forks They were on point in the early 360 years, yeah

they went wild with Halo 3, which makes sense. It was a platform, if not generation, defining game. Even though literally none of this campaign has anything to do with the game's story lol


Unfortunately for the Chief, his fight will never end. 😔

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