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chilling out at a spinal clinic waiting room and paying my bills like a normal human being

I don't know what it is about gorillas and robots/AIs, but I'll never trust those fuckers

if robot gorillas attack, I hope I'm not alive to see it

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every day I start to feel more and more like Will Smith's character from the hit movie: I, Robot

Honestly there was nothing wrong with the F-Type. Mid-cycle refreshes are at it again folks

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Damn, Jaguar really killed the F-Type's looks with this refresh

The age of LED lightbar headlights is a dark one

alright I'm officially fucking sick of the baby yoda thing

Find me an NFL team that has better alternate uniforms than the Seattle Seahawks.

I want to buy new shoes, but every time I shop at the Vans Store the stylee I want are sold out because everyone is a size 11 apparently and I keep shopping for shoes during Christmas season like a dumbass lmao

I can't relate, my favorite football team has actually won a championship before

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Imagine having a new boss who constantly reminds you that you've never won shit before. Christ, even Jerry Jones looking down at the Cowboys with that sad look on his face is less sorry than this lmao

The stupid punch in system at work makes us reset our passwords every 90 days and won't let us reuse passwords. I'm out of the ones I always remember and am currently resorting to dumb passwords like

wow they're really trying to make Top Gear America a thing again huh? This has to be the third or fourth series so far.

The last series with Tanner Foust was pretty good though. Happy to see my dude Jethro Bovington get a shot on TV even though he's not actually American lmao

He's a good reviewer though and knows his way around an automobile

shit that's right Animal Crossing comes out in three months 😳

lmao I went to Wendy's last night and the cashier told me the person in front of me paid for my food

There wasn't anybody behind me so I got to drive home with free food. What a sucker. :yes:

It's nuts just how competitive the NFC is this year. I mean there's a 10-2 team that's a wildcard team for fucks sake.

And then there's the Cowboys at 6-6. I guess one team has to win the NFC East right? lmao

alexa computer, show me the tweets from angry 49ers fans

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