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Sega Rally Revo went from a bargain bin priced game to appreciating in price all of a sudden

Dunno if I want to drop $15 on it but it looks pretty fun. I'm in a mood for a good arcade racer right now

@MochaKoffee so according to the Capcom leaks, they're planning on going back to the old school style of Street Fight expansions rather than going with seasons. Maybe there's hope for this series after all. :blobthinking:

Literally what is even the point of multiplayer games if you're going to nerf everything after one week?

plugging in my PS5 to the 16K Ultra High Definition TV 😀

this is why I watch sports

to relish in the humiliation of my rivals

tfw the Seahawks play the NFC East and Jets next 😈😈😈

I was just desperate a fucking W. That's all I wanted



I'm watching this team devolve into the 2019 team right before my eyes and I don't know how much more Peteball I can take

No hands to the face penalty??? These refs are garbage

stop running the fucking football goddamn man

Russell Wilson is your fucking quarterback

Pete Carroll won't allow a dozen hurt running backs to stop him from running into walls


I have been owned and I've never been happier

oh boy time for this defense to protect a two point - plffft HAHAHAHA

I can't believe Russell really only has 162 yards passing

Peteball is officially back

another patented Ken Norton Jr blitz that fails spectacularly

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