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Friendly neighborhood cat here to give you some information on the vibe of this instance if you were interested on signing up. Other instances may have a code of conduct along with a moderation staff to enforce the rules of the community. I've decided not to run this instance that way. On this instance, it's run according to how I want it to run. This doesn't mean it's an unfriendly place or that I rule with an iron fist, it just means that I'm the sole staff person, and that will always be the case. And for rules, they're extremely loose because I like giving people tools to curate their own feeds as opposed to trying to manage everyone's feeds for them.

That being said, I'll give you a quick idea of what sort of things I'm looking to keep off the local and federated feeds here so you can know in advance if you'll fit in or not.

- No Nazis, or really any pro fascist, nationalistic hate rhetoric that exists out there

- We're queer friendly here, so any bigots can find themselves the door out of here

- If you're someone who tends to get into a lot of internet spats, and want someone to look out for you on the home instance, you might want to keep looking. I'm not gonna tolerate any user harassing users of different instances or repeatedly getting into fights with people. I have no issues kicking you out if I'm getting a lot of reports about your behavior. If you're the one being harassed however, and it's clearly evident, I will take action for you in that case.

- I have a pretty lax policy when it comes to content warnings. I don't strictly enforce users to use them, but I do encourage people to use them when posting anything that could be potentially triggering for someone. I advocate users using their judgement here, and expect people to use CWs appropriately. I will not force people to use them. I am not omnipresent and don't particularly wish to try to be, so if you see a user not tagging something that is triggering you, I would ask that you just mute them.

- Really, just use common sense. If you act like an adult and treat other people like adults, you'll have no issues here.

I block instances that have no issues hosting content I do not want to see. The list of blocked instances can be found here:

Blocked Instances

Instance Severity Reason
girlcock.club suspend Harrassment
pl.smuglo.li suspend Loli
npf.mlpol.net suspend Nazis
lainternet.online suspend Harrassment
freezepeach.xyz suspend Harrassment
pawoo.net media block Loli
shitposter.club silence Harrassment
anitwitter.moe silence Loli
noagendasocial.com silence Harassment
sealion.club silence Harassment
loli.estate suspend Loli
youkai.town suspend Loli
nfg.zone suspend Harassment
social.homnyan.com suspend Harassment
mastodon.loliandstuff.com suspend Loli
baraag.net suspend Harassment
preteengirls.biz suspend CP
gs.kawa-kun.com suspend antisemitism, sexism, free speech
anitwitter.com silence Loli
mastodon.starrevolution.com suspend Harassment
pleroma.rareome.ga suspend Harassment
voluntaryism.com suspend Harassment
shitasstits.life suspend Untagged Porn
thechad.zone suspend Racism/Sexism/Homophobia
melalandia.tk suspend Racism/Loli/Hate Speech
socnet.supes.com suspend Nazi Sympathy
raki.social suspend Bot Instance/Spam
kitty.town suspend Harassment
sapphos.be suspend Admin is an Abuser
humblr.social silence Posting untagged porn.
feminism.lgbt suspend Loli, Racism
redliberal.com suspend Racism
gameliberty.club suspend Homophobia
quitter.im suspend Alt-right friendly
social.foxfam.club suspend Alt-right friendly
freespeechextremist.com suspend Alt-right friendly

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