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Until there's a need to change, this instance will be following the rules of the flagship instance of the site, which can be seen here: https://mastodon.social/about/more

This is a general interest instance, meaning any content that does not break the above rules is free to be posted here. Think of it as a general discussion board on an old school forum.

We do block instances that the admin, @maolfunction, deems to consistently break the rules of other instances or have users with a history of harassment. The list of blocked instances can be found here:

Blocked Instances

instance severity reason
girlcock.club suspend Harrassment
pl.smuglo.li suspend Loli
npf.mlpol.net suspend Nazis
lainternet.online suspend Harrassment
freezepeach.xyz suspend Harrassment
pawoo.net media block Loli
shitposter.club silence Harrassment
anitwitter.moe silence Loli
noagendasocial.com silence Harassment
sealion.club silence Harassment
loli.estate suspend Loli
youkai.town suspend Loli
nfg.zone suspend Harassment
social.homnyan.com suspend Harassment
mastodon.loliandstuff.com suspend Loli
baraag.net suspend Harassment
preteengirls.biz suspend CP
gs.kawa-kun.com suspend antisemitism, sexism, free speech
anitwitter.com silence Loli
mastodon.starrevolution.com suspend Harassment
pleroma.rareome.ga suspend Harassment
voluntaryism.com suspend Harassment
shitasstits.life suspend Untagged Porn
thechad.zone suspend Racism/Sexism/Homophobia
melalandia.tk suspend Racism/Loli/Hate Speech
socnet.supes.com suspend Nazi Sympathy
raki.social suspend Bot Instance/Spam
kitty.town suspend Harassment
sapphos.be suspend Admin is an Abuser
humblr.social silence Posting untagged porn.
feminism.lgbt suspend Loli, Racism
redliberal.com suspend Racism
gameliberty.club suspend Homophobia
quitter.im suspend Alt-right friendly
social.foxfam.club suspend Alt-right friendly

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